Mini chicken fajita roll-ups

Mini chicken fajita roll-ups


Pass around trays of these yummy chicken roll-ups at your next party.

The ingredient of Mini chicken fajita roll-ups

  1. 1 avocado, mashed
  2. 200g finely chopped roast chicken
  3. 485g Old El Paso Fajita Kit
  4. 80g (1 cup) grated cheddar
  5. 2 cups finely shredded lettuce
  6. 1 carrot, peeled, finely grated
  7. 50g snow pea sprouts, trimmed
  8. 1/2 cup mint leaves
  9. 2-3 green shallots, shredded
  10. Sour cream, to serve, optional

The instruction how to make Mini chicken fajita roll-ups

  1. Combine the avocado and 1 teaspoon fajita spice mix in a bowl. Combine the chicken and 1 tablespoon of fajita spice mix in a separate bowl.
  2. Working with 2 tortillas at a time, place in the microwave for 20 seconds on High to soften. Spread the tortillas with some of the avocado mixture. Sprinkle with some cheese, chicken, lettuce, carrot, sprouts, mint and shallot. Roll up tightly. Place, seam side down, on a tray and repeat with remaining tortillas and fillings.
  3. Trim the edges of each roll and cut into 4 pieces. Insert a toothpick in each roll-up to secure. Arrange on a serving platter. Top with sour cream, if using, and drizzle with mild Mexican salsa.

Nutritions of Mini chicken fajita roll-ups


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